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The swimming Pool Hoses & Adaptors are vital for maintaining your Swimming Pool. The hoses connect to a pool vacuum and transfer bugs, leaves and other detritus to a filter pump system. Swimming pool vacuum hoses are essential for pools with or without a heating system, as these are powered by filter pumps and require a tubed connection.

The swimming pool hoses are available in two different sizes so that people with larger above ground pools can hoover up detritus from hard to reach areas. A swimming pool hose adaptor is also available to attach equipment to a hose or attach the hose to an inlet. It is made from corrosion proof Polyethylene Co-polymer that resists chemicals while providing superior ease of use while cleaning your pool.

To get the best from your Swimming Pool it's crucial that water is kept clean and clear of debris. For this reason, Swimming Pool Hoses & Adaptors are a must have piece of kit, enabling the operation of cleaning equipment to produce clear and healthy water.

Swimming Pool Hose