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DWC Pipes are made of High Density Poly Ethylene Polymers. The DWC pipes shall consist of two layers, the outer layer will be corrugatedDWC PIPES and the inner layer shall be plain & smooth.


DWC pipes are available in sizes 50 mm to 200 mm.


    A. Telecom Application :
  • Used as the main duct in sub duct network design.
  • Protection of ducts and optical fibre cables in city networks.
  • Protection of ducts / cables in rail & rail crossings.
  • Protection of ducts / cables across rivers disused canals etc.
  • Used as casing of copper cables.
    B. Electrical Applications :
  • In the electrical networks, protective casing of street lighting cables-pole to pole application. DWC Pipe helps in: Easy laying of cable upon completion of civil works, easy maintenance of cables as free to move inside the duct, easy to replace the cables.
  • In city distribution network protective casing application of power cables can be possible only after using DWC pipes. It is excellent and cost effective alternative of GI, RCC & PVC Pipes. It can be openly used for protective casing of street light cable as well as telecom cable.


  • Resistance to chemical: Exceptional resistance to all internal & external corrosion.
  • Will not rust or rot.
  • Resistance to electrolytic corrosion.
  • Easy to install.
  • Longer life than GI, MS & RCC.
  • Flexible, can be bent to a radius as low as 10 x OD of the duct.
  • Very good thermal insulation due to low thermal conductivity.
  • Light weight product for easy transportation, handling and fitting etc.
  • Possibility of laying of additional ducts due to aligned joints, continuous length and smooth bends.
  • Good mechanical properties and ability to take heavy loads.
  • Anti rodent.


S.No. Duct Size (mm) Nominal OD Nominal ID Standard Length (mtrs)
1 78/63 78 63 6
2 90/76 90 76 6
3 120/103.5 120 103.5 6
4 160/136 160 136 6
5 180/152 180 152 6
6 200/170 200 170 6